Fiscal Friday- The Caliente Edition


I’m no meteorologist, but it’s toasty out there.  A heat wave has scorched through the US this week and the following local utilities share some tips on saving money during the caliente conditions. Click the link below to see your utility’s advice: AEP Ohio, Ameren, LIPA, NYSEG, ACE, Ohio Edison/ First Energy Utilities, Orange and […]

Chicago: So Easy To Love (Time lapse video)

We’re so happy to call Chicago home (and Power2Switch HQ) and it’s so easy to see why in this short visually stunning time lapse video of the city. You wonder where Chris P Zero had to be standing or what he was flying in to get the amazing shots in his Places in Time video. […]

ComEd Electricity Rate Cut + ComEd Electricity Rate Hike = No Soup For You!

ComEd electricity rates cut that hikes

Hear ye, hear ye! Have some really great news for all of you ComEd electricity customers! ComEd has cut its electric rate for the summer! Woo hoo!

AMAZING news, right?? Thanks to ComEd, you’ll soon be rolling in the money, and dreaming of the many ways you can spend all those bills!

Municipal Aggregation in Illinois: 5 Things You Should Not Ignore

So, if you live in any of the suburbs surrounding Chicago, you’ve probably at least heard the term municipal aggregation, if you’re not already knee-deep in it. In case you’re not aware, it’s essentially when the residents of a community band together, or aggregate, and purchase electricity as a group (and often through an energy […]

Carbon Sequestration in Illinois…maybe…

A site in Illinois’ Morgan County has been selected for future carbon dioxide storage, as part of a Department of Energy funded project to build a near-zero emissions power plant. The plan is to retrofit a coal power plant in Meredosia to use oxy-combustion (a nifty term for using burning with pure oxygen instead of […]

Residential Customers can now Switch From COMED in Illinois!

Ms Ohms

We’ve been asked one question over and over again since we started our electricity price comparison service for commercial clients in Illinois‘. And the question is ‘Can I buy my residential electricity from someone other than Comed?’. And our answer has always been ‘Soon’… And now SOON IS HERE! And we’re super excited to be able […]