Fiscal Friday- The Caliente Edition


I’m no meteorologist, but it’s toasty out there.  A heat wave has scorched through the US this week and the following local utilities share some tips on saving money during the caliente conditions. Click the link below to see your utility’s advice: AEP Ohio, Ameren, LIPA, NYSEG, ACE, Ohio Edison/ First Energy Utilities, Orange and […]

Herfindahl-Hirschman Huh???


  How municipal aggregation is sidestepping anti-trust laws.   “Many of life’s complexities can be traced back to a lawyer”- Jason Fried We’ve covered it before, but Com Ed’s municipal aggregation is tiptoeing the monopoly line. According to Energy Choice Matters, the market concentration is now “moderately concentrated”. Recently, these municipal aggregation opt-outs have given […]

A Follow-Up to “The Emperor’s (ComEd’s) New Rates”

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 1.48.20 PM

I Told You Not to Get Distracted by Shiny Pants!                    A few months ago (well, actually back on April 4th of this year), I wrote a blog post about ComEd’s new electricity rates for the supply portion of your electricity bill.  At that time, there were still several pieces up in air regarding exactly […]

Is a long term ComEd contract the new municipal aggregation jail sentence?


Is a long term ComEd contract the new municipal aggregation jail sentence? According to Energy Choice Matters, the residents of the small, northwest town of Fox River Grove only have 2 months to opt out of a deal with ComEd that would last until September 2014. In addition, the residents of North Aurora are in […]

Getting to Know Integrys PT. 2

Holding our breath

On January 9th 2013, the city of Chicago switched providers from Commonwealth Edison to Integrys Energy. The deal touted savings of over 20% and the included the well publicized addition of the “No Coal Provision”. Back then, looking closely at the provisions of deal, we thought this deal might be blowing some artificial steam. As the Chicago Tribune mentioned, there’s no […]

The Emperor’s (ComEd’s) New Rates

Our friendly neighborhood electric utility, Commonwealth Edison – affectionately known to many of us as ComEd, or by more derogatory terms – filed their latest electricity rates with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) earlier this week.  And, oh my goodness, it’s a significant decrease in what ComEd will be charging the residents and businesses of […]

Power Outages reported in Comed region. What happens next?


Comed is reporting some outages to Chicago area towns and villages due to high winds this Sunday evening (11/11/2012). It is reported that about 24,000 customers are currently without power. The hope is that power is restored to these areas before the cold front that is expected to kick in tomorrow/Monday. So what process does […]

Five things to know about Chicago Municipal Aggregation

City of Chicago notice

You may have heard a lot of conversation and maybe even confusion about the Electricity Aggregation Referendum and the choice to vote to opt- out of electricity aggregation on November 6, 2012. There is a good chance that you received a notice from the City of Chicago as well.   We are here to provide […]

The Now ‘Ubiquitous’ Energy Star Rating


When we go shopping for electronics now we are advised and even incentivized by our local utilities to purchase Energy Star products. Just as recently as 1992 this rating standard was not in existence and now it is accepted as the standard in the European Union, Taiwan and Australia among other countries. The work to […]

Switch Before the ComEd Rate Increase!


You might recall an article we published on our blog, in May of this year, regarding the ComEd electricity rate increase!? As a quick recap…prices surprisingly dropped during the summer by 10%, making many ComEd customers happy. However, we knew those rates were too good to be true and wouldn’t last forever as there was […]