Fiscal Friday- The Caliente Edition


I’m no meteorologist, but it’s toasty out there.  A heat wave has scorched through the US this week and the following local utilities share some tips on saving money during the caliente conditions. Click the link below to see your utility’s advice: AEP Ohio, Ameren, LIPA, NYSEG, ACE, Ohio Edison/ First Energy Utilities, Orange and […]

Herfindahl-Hirschman Huh???


  How municipal aggregation is sidestepping anti-trust laws.   “Many of life’s complexities can be traced back to a lawyer”- Jason Fried We’ve covered it before, but Com Ed’s municipal aggregation is tiptoeing the monopoly line. According to Energy Choice Matters, the market concentration is now “moderately concentrated”. Recently, these municipal aggregation opt-outs have given […]

Decatur Gets a Little Less Gassy


Ameren is removing roughly 90,000 tons of dirt that have been contaminated with coal tar since the 1800s. This undertaking is expected to take 18 months and over 4,320 semi-truck loads. Decatur Gas Light & Coke Company built the manufactured gas plant (since removed) in 1865, which provided electricity and gas for heating and cooking. […]

Let’s face it: we don’t know what the frack is going on

The topic of fracking, or horizontal hydraulic fracturing, is certainly a high-pressure topic. The Illinois House recently approved a vote, 108-9, to allow fracking in Illinois. The proposed law will affect two main shales, Southern Illinois and New Albany, both of which are located in Southern Illinois. This legislation touts job creation, economic development and increased […]