Fiscal Friday- The Caliente Edition

I’m no meteorologist, but it’s toasty out there.  A heat wave has scorched through the US this week and the following local utilities share some tips on saving money during the caliente conditions. Click the link below to see your utility’s advice:

AEP Ohio,





Ohio Edison/ First Energy Utilities,

Orange and Rockland,



To help things out- here’s a quick, overarching summary on cooling costs:

  1. Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers are secret electricity suckers. Only washing full loads saves on usage and cost
  2. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances- some utilities even offer rebates
  3. Close curtains and blinds
  4. Turn off non-essential electrical devices, such as computer chargers, lights, and TV
  5. Use ceiling fans, they save roughly 4 degrees


And a few Power2Switch tricks as well:

  1. Refrigerated baby wipes- yes, sounds crazy, but one of the most refreshing things on a hot day
  2. Hang out at a Northface store- seriously, it’s 55 degrees in there
  3. Finally, Dairy Queen is a the perfect cure to weather like this


Run through the sprinkler, nap in the hammock and enjoy the weather (even though it’s damn hot) because come January and February, this time of year will be dearly missed!too-hot


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