Record (And Wallet!) Breaking Heat

Last Friday, we went into how the record heat could be burning up the wallet, and a few unique ways to keep cool for less cash. Thankfully, temperatures seemed to have eased up for most of the US.  But that’s not to say it won’t cost us. On Saturday, Fox News reported that Consolidated Edison broke an electricity usage record, using 13,214 megawatts at 2 p.m.

Additionally, NYISO reported that the heat wave this week has broken the hourly average peak load record with 33,955 megawatts (MW), the highest since 2006.

Those record-breaking energy usages don’t come cheap. Especially on a fixed rate plan when prices rise with usage.

So New York, as we reel back from the record heat waves and subsequent electricity usage, remember that by cutting back on AC, unused electrical devices (TVs etc), and keeping the shades closed you can cut down on usage. Additionally, a fixed rate plan from Power2Switch, you can avoid the costly peaks and valleys that come along with variable usage rates.



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