Power2Switch Launches In Ohio

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Power2Switch, the electricity-switching platform, has launched in the great state of Ohio. Using our free website: Power2Switch.com, Ohio residents can now save up to 30% on electricity charges. Due to statewide deregulation, residents have the option to switch to an alternative energy provider- with no disruption in service or additional fees. The process is simple […]

A Follow-Up to “The Emperor’s (ComEd’s) New Rates”

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I Told You Not to Get Distracted by Shiny Pants!                    A few months ago (well, actually back on April 4th of this year), I wrote a blog post about ComEd’s new electricity rates for the supply portion of your electricity bill.  At that time, there were still several pieces up in air regarding exactly […]

New York, We’ve Got Good News, and We’ve Got Bad News….


Hey New York, We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. We’ll get through the bad news first: New York, you’ve been over-paying for electricity, by a whole lot. In March, NY customers paid 18.26 c/KWh whereas the average American paid 11.59 c/KWh. The prices are even higher in New York City; there they […]

New Yorker – This is what you pay for Electricity!

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So, you live in New York and want to know what you’re paying for electricity?  Good luck! Power2Switch recently launched our services in New York.  And, as part of the service we provide for our customers, we display your utility’s Price-To-Compare so that you can compare the rates on our site against the rate for […]

Getting to Know Integrys PT. 2

Holding our breath

On January 9th 2013, the city of Chicago switched providers from Commonwealth Edison to Integrys Energy. The deal touted savings of over 20% and the included the well publicized addition of the “No Coal Provision”. Back then, looking closely at the provisions of deal, we thought this deal might be blowing some artificial steam. As the Chicago Tribune mentioned, there’s no […]

Kudos to Hudson, New York!

More Proof that it is possible to Save Money and Go Green at the same time! WAMC Northeast Public Radio reported that the city of Hudson, New York has chosen a new electric supplier.  Feel free to follow this link to read more of the details about this story – http://www.wamc.org/post/city-electricity-goes-green-june.  My intent is not […]

The Emperor’s (ComEd’s) New Rates

Our friendly neighborhood electric utility, Commonwealth Edison – affectionately known to many of us as ComEd, or by more derogatory terms – filed their latest electricity rates with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) earlier this week.  And, oh my goodness, it’s a significant decrease in what ComEd will be charging the residents and businesses of […]

Inside the P2S Skunk Works: Project Pinky

Pinky and the Brain

From Wikipedia: “the designation ‘skunk works’, or ‘skunkworks’, is widely used in business, engineering, and technical fields to describe a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.” The Power2Switch skunk works lives up to this name and its ideals. The […]

Chicago Municipal Electricity Aggregation: Getting to know Integrys Energy Services

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Fellow Chicagoans, it is official, the City of Chicago has chosen your new electricity supplier. It is – drumroll please – Integrys Energy Services!  (And, you hear crickets…) Integrys Energy Services is not a well-known company for most of us. But, they’re about to take the place of ComEd, a company we all know and… […]

Chicago Municipal Aggregation Update

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It’s Wednesday December 6, 2012 and the City of Chicago is waiting patiently to find out which suppliers made the shortlist of electricity suppliers for Chicago Municipal Aggregation. Or maybe it is just the team at Power2Switch waiting anxiously so we can share the details with you! Either way, nothing has been announced yet… although […]