Record (And Wallet!) Breaking Heat

Last Friday, we went into how the record heat could be burning up the wallet, and a few unique ways to keep cool for less cash. Thankfully, temperatures seemed to have eased up for most of the US.  But that’s not to say it won’t cost us. On Saturday, Fox News reported that Consolidated Edison […]

Fiscal Friday- The Caliente Edition


I’m no meteorologist, but it’s toasty out there.  A heat wave has scorched through the US this week and the following local utilities share some tips on saving money during the caliente conditions. Click the link below to see your utility’s advice: AEP Ohio, Ameren, LIPA, NYSEG, ACE, Ohio Edison/ First Energy Utilities, Orange and […]

Blowing Things Up


Blowing Things Up Well, it’s nearly the Fourth of July. You know, that wonderful time of the year when we get to just blow things up. Anyways, National Grid (NGRID) of Upstate New York decided to try their own hand at blowing things up over the past few months.  Unlike most kids, who stick to […]

Digging a Little Deeper- J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey


Retail Electric Providers – J.D. Power and Associates Retail Supplier Satisfaction Survey J.D. Power and Associates recently released a survey showing that customers are more satisfied with Retail Electric Providers than with Local Electric Utilities when it comes to paying for electricity (Duh). The J.D. Power survey covered Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, […]

The Death of LIPA

It’s no secret that LIPA has been struggling. In November, USA Today’s Headline was: Long Islanders Fume Over Utility’s Sandy Response.  That’s already pretty bad, but news for the New York Utility continues to get worse…  The Chicago Tribune just reported: “NY Governor to request federal probe of Long Island utility” This is just the […]

New York, We’ve Got Good News, and We’ve Got Bad News….


Hey New York, We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. We’ll get through the bad news first: New York, you’ve been over-paying for electricity, by a whole lot. In March, NY customers paid 18.26 c/KWh whereas the average American paid 11.59 c/KWh. The prices are even higher in New York City; there they […]

Greek Yogurt Is Whey Cool


New York, you’re already fueled by Greek yogurt. Turns out, it’s in more whey than one. Let me explain: In order to produce 1 gallon of Greek yogurt, it takes 4 gallons of milk.  Beyond that, to pump up protein in the yogurt, Chobani and Fage are mixing in acid whey protein. After the yogurt […]

New Yorker – This is what you pay for Electricity!

Plugin apple

So, you live in New York and want to know what you’re paying for electricity?  Good luck! Power2Switch recently launched our services in New York.  And, as part of the service we provide for our customers, we display your utility’s Price-To-Compare so that you can compare the rates on our site against the rate for […]

Electric New York Cabs


From it’s birthplace at the Pearle Street Station, electricity options seem to be flowing back to New York City. This past April, NYC introduced 6 new electric taxis to their fleet. The city of New York chose the Nissan Leaf as the pilot vehicle. In addition, Mayor Bloomberg mentioned the goal of 13,000 electric taxis […]

5 of the wackiest electrical appliances for your small but awesome New York apartment!

Dyson Fans

You work all the time, your apartment is small, you pay a bucket load of money in rent and you cannot afford to buy your own place. But it’s OK. It’s in the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn heights or Harlem. You live in New York for heaven’s sake. Why don’t you stock up […]