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Top Notch Employees; Customer Service handled by Human Beings

Reviewed April 17, 2012


I have been a customer of Mid American Energy for about five years. I am a homeowner, and have had several problems that required the assistance of Mid American Energy. Last winter, my carbon monoxide detector was going off, so I left the house and called Mid American Energy. They had an employee at my home within twenty minutes. I escorted him inside, he used his carbon monoxide detector to assess the levels, and advised me to wait outside. He even went into my basement to look at my furnace. After seeing that the auto-shut off had been bypassed on my furnace, he advised me to shut it off and call the furnace company to have the unit serviced immediately. He was polite, patient, and explained everything to me very well. As for their billing, it's always been accurate. I use e-billing online. When I've called to speak with customer service, I always end up talking to a human being who is located in the same region that I am. They have been polite, helpful, and seem knowledgeable when I call with a question.

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