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incompetent company

Reviewed Sept. 11, 2013


I originally contacted Brilliant Energy to initiate service at a property I was purchasing. I had scheduled service to be transferred to my name on the day I was to take possession of the property, August 30th. The purchase of the property fell through due to no fault of my own and both myself and the seller agreed to cancel the contract. I tried to notify Brilliant Energy ASAP. I called them the day the deal was falling through, August 29th and was told that I needed to email them for cancellations. I explained that I wanted to cancel the transfer before it was initiated and again I was told to email them. The original email address I was given was incorrect, but I quickly identified and corrected that issue and did not delay them getting my cancellation. Brilliant Energy did not contact me for 6 days and when they did they said the service had already been transferred and would take 45 days for them to correct the situation. I asked what this meant for me and I was told "nothing" Which I guess I incorrectly understood to mean they would be charging the actual owner and then it would be transferred back to the owners preferred supplier after the 45 days. I received my first electric bill from Brilliant Energy today for a house I do not own, nor occupy. When I called I was repeated told I didn't call Brilliant Energy till Sept 4, I explained not only did I call on the 29th I emailed on the 29th, I have both emails and mobile phone records to prove this. Again I explained you must be reading notes incorrectly because Brilliant energy called me on Sept 4th, not I calling them. I was then told that cancellations take 3-5 days to process, and that is on top of the 45 days they are saying it will take to transfer the service back to the owner. It is interesting that none of the CS reps seemed to be able to provide a clear answer and that they are unable to cancel a new service request before hand for situations like this. My situation with home purchases falling through is not unique

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Cheap rates, but watch your bill!

Reviewed May 6, 2012


I have used Brilliant exclusively since I purchased my home. I prefer a locked in rate for 12 months because I don't want to shop electric companies every six months. Brilliant's rates per kwh are consistently lower than other providers for a locked in 12 month term. However, you should check your bill closely as I had issues with them tacking on late fees for payments that weren't late. They promised to credit the fees, but then carried over the charge in another part of the bill. Only when I threatened to file a complaint with the PUC was it corrected. All in all - I'm satisfied with Brilliant as I don't see any point in paying more for power just because of an established name. Just watch your bill to make sure they don't try to sneak a fee past you!

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