President Obama, How Dare You Steal MY Idea!

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A few months ago, I began a series of weekly blog posts sharing my trials and tribulations as I attempted to design, build and operate a grid-interactive, battery back-up system with solar panels in Nigeria.  Unfortunately, the project hit some delays back in January, so the blog series was placed on hiatus for a while.  […]

Electricity Rates To Be as Big as Texas This Summer! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Electricity Rates To Be as Big as Texas This Summer! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly                   If you live in Texas and you use electricity, this is going to be an interesting summer!  Texas is facing nearly a perfect storm that could create some record-breaking electricity prices throughout the summer.  And, the impact […]

Digging a Little Deeper- J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey


Retail Electric Providers – J.D. Power and Associates Retail Supplier Satisfaction Survey J.D. Power and Associates recently released a survey showing that customers are more satisfied with Retail Electric Providers than with Local Electric Utilities when it comes to paying for electricity (Duh). The J.D. Power survey covered Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, […]

Fiscal Fridays, The case for going out to lunch


At the P2S office, there’s often a “to go out to lunch” or “brown bag it” debate, and after some thought, the case for going out deserves to be heard. Here’s why: Just look at Sad Desk Lunch- which chronicles pathetic lunch submissions of the 62% of Americans who eat their lunch at their desk. […]

With a Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility


With a Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility Deconstructing Your Play-Off Beard: How to make the most of the support you’re showing your team                   The tradition of NHL playoff beards goes back to the glory days of the New York Islanders of the early 1980s.  In the […]

Decatur Gets a Little Less Gassy


Ameren is removing roughly 90,000 tons of dirt that have been contaminated with coal tar since the 1800s. This undertaking is expected to take 18 months and over 4,320 semi-truck loads. Decatur Gas Light & Coke Company built the manufactured gas plant (since removed) in 1865, which provided electricity and gas for heating and cooking. […]

ACE in the Hole- Atlantic City Electric Raises Rates


With $70 Million in storm costs, it’s no real shocker that Atlantic City Electric is raising distribution rates. The Pepco owned utility will be tacking on a $.004 charge, or about $4.44 to the average (1,000KWh) bill. This will increase the typical user’s rate by 2.8%. This rate increase is part of the delivery charges  […]

The Death of LIPA

It’s no secret that LIPA has been struggling. In November, USA Today’s Headline was: Long Islanders Fume Over Utility’s Sandy Response.  That’s already pretty bad, but news for the New York Utility continues to get worse…  The Chicago Tribune just reported: “NY Governor to request federal probe of Long Island utility” This is just the […]

The Rise Of The Smart House


Have you ever watched Disney Channel Original Movies? They were dramatic, teen-centric movies that played from the late 1990s- today. They’ve launched many careers and entertained kids for decades. Well, one Disney Channel Original Movie seems to have previewed the future. In 1999, there was the movie “Smart House” where a young computer whiz won […]

Is a long term ComEd contract the new municipal aggregation jail sentence?


Is a long term ComEd contract the new municipal aggregation jail sentence? According to Energy Choice Matters, the residents of the small, northwest town of Fox River Grove only have 2 months to opt out of a deal with ComEd that would last until September 2014. In addition, the residents of North Aurora are in […]